7 Top Tips for Selling Your Home in Summer

Ex probation show home conservatory and garden

Picture your home on a summer’s day. Is there light streaming through the windows? Does your garden burst with colour and every surface sparkle? These are the things a buyer will focus on when they’re shopping for a home in the summer months. We know that selling in summer can be challenging so it’s essential that you really showcase your home. For your best shot at selling your home this summer, check out our 7 tips for preparing for a summer sale.

1. Create Kerb Appeal

You can never underestimate the value of kerb appeal. When a buyer pulls up outside your home you want them to be wowed, and eager to get inside. Clear patios and pathways, and take the time to clean your front door and window sills.

2. Get the Garden in Order

You should see your garden as another room in your home. Highlight it as a space to enjoy those light summer nights by ensuring it’s neat and tidy. Plants are an affordable way to prepare your home for summer sale as they can offer a real burst of colour.

3. Clean Until It Shines

Top of your checklist when preparing your home for sale should be a thorough clean. Bright summery days can really make everything shine. So clean everything from floor to ceiling! Focus particularly on surfaces, as well as windows, floors and carpets.

4. Calm the Clutter

Getting rid of the clutter can really help to make your home look more spacious. There are a number of key areas you should focus on for decluttering that can make a big impact. Particular in summer clear your hallway of winter boots and coats, we don’t want to remind potential buyers of chilly winter days!

5. Let There Be Light

One of the best things about selling your house in summer is of course the natural light. Make the most of it by tying back curtains and opening blinds. If you have big bulky curtains then remove them, as well as any obstacles in front of the window, to let light flow through the room. Add light to dark corners with the use of lamps.

6. Tackle Those Minor Repairs

We all have those little jobs in our home that we never seem to find time to do! Make the time to tackle those if you’re looking to sell your house fast. Issues such as dripping taps and broken light bulbs are easily remedied. Think about your doors too as potential buyers move through your home, are there any broken doorknobs or doors that won’t close?

7. Give It a Fresh Lick of Paint

If any of your rooms are looking a little tired then consider giving them a fresh lick of paint. A light and bright colour on the walls can really help the room look even better in summer, giving you the best chance of securing a buyer.

If you’re serious about selling your home this summer then you need to take the time to prepare it for sale. Getting an outside opinion can also help, so why not consider hiring the services of a home staging service. Their professional opinion and insider hints and tips will really maximise your chances of selling your home.

Good luck!

Janine Shalev is a professional property and home stager at JS Property Staging based in North London. She transforms empty properties into spaces that prospective buyers or tenants would love to call home. Call or message Janine if you would like to discuss home staging tips and strategies for your property.

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